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Are You Preparing Yourself For The New Earth?


"The Earth can no longer exist the way it is" -Delores Cannon


Greetings, Dear Seekers of Truth,

In this blog post, we delve into the fascinating world of "New Earth" as envisioned by the late Delores Cannon. I became aware of Delore's work around 2010 when I was going through an intense spiritual awakening. This was a time in my life when I was busy learning about alternative healing techniques and going to various seminars and training. At the time I was not ready to learn how to do the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique but I knew that one day when I was ready, I would go to the training. The last chance I had to meet her in person was when she was in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2014, about a four-hour drive from where I was living at the time. My guide told me if I did not go to see her then, I would not be able to see her in person in this lifetime. I was going through something difficult emotionally and did not make it to that event, and sure enough, just as I was told, she was gone not long after that.

Her work has had a profound impact on my life since the first time I heard her speak on YouTube about 'The Three Waves of Volunteers,' and I immediately knew that I was in the second wave. I read many of her books and had several QHHT sessions for my own healing journey. I also went on to do the level 1 training in February of 2020 in Miami, Florida right before the powers that be shut down the world due to the pandemic.

Before I share my experience on the topic of the New Earth, I would like to discuss who Delores is for those of you who are not familiar with her and mention her groundbreaking work in the field of hypnotherapy and past-life regression that continues to leave an indelible mark on the spiritual and metaphysical communities worldwide.

Who is Delores Cannon?

Delores saw herself as an investigator collecting information on the deeper mysteries of life and the Universe. She was a pioneer and way-shower in a time when no one had ever heard of the concept of past lives, and is a renowned American author, and hypnotherapist who dedicated her life to exploring the mysteries of consciousness, spirituality, and the nature of reality. Starting in the 1960s, her career spanned decades, during which she conducted thousands of regression sessions with clients seeking answers to life's most profound questions.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Cannon's work was her exploration of "The New Earth." She believed that humanity was in the midst of a profound transformation, both spiritually and energetically. Her insights into this transformation mixed with her light-hearted personality have resonated deeply with many, and her books and lectures continue to inspire and enlighten seekers around the world.

I was inspired to write about the Earth shifting because this topic has been coming up for me lately and I have been getting signs that I need to prepare for what is to come by raising my vibration.


The Concept of The New Earth

Delores was not the first to speak about this New Earth but she is one of the first to explain how it is going to come about in a way that actually makes sense. I grew up in a religious household that believed in something similar. Like all children, we do not have a choice when it comes to our religious upbringing and are often raised based on our parent's or grandparent's beliefs. My grandmother was a Jehovah's Witness who believed the Earth was going to be destroyed in an event called Armageddon and only the chosen ones, or JW's were going to survive into the New Earth and live in a paradise. There is a similar concept called the rapture for another Christian religious group and then there are some people online who call this event the ascension process and claim that every physical ailment is due to it.

Delores Cannon's concept that came from her work regarding the New Earth makes more sense to me than the Jehovah's Witness version or the other versions out there. For one, I never believed that only Jehovah's Witnesses were going to be saved and everyone else would be killed by God, this sounded like a control mechanism utilizing fear, especially when there are so many good people with beautiful hearts who are not JW's. And I do not believe that the aliens are going to come and abduct us and take us to the other version of the planet, maybe a few people will have this experience but I doubt the majority will, so there has to be another more plausible way to explain how this foretold shift is to occur.

When Delores speaks about the New Earth her belief is rooted in the idea of a significant shift in consciousness and vibrational frequency. She believed that as individuals and as a collective, we are on a path toward higher levels of awareness and spiritual evolution.

For those of you with a Christian upbringing, you may be familiar with the parable in the Bible regarding the separation of the wheat from the chaff, speaking of people being separated at the end of days on the planet. The Hopi also foretold this time of tribulation, they said when the Earth started getting hot, it was time to move to the mountains. We have seen other prophets such as Edward Cayce foretell of a great disaster on Earth as well.

The end of the world as we know it came with signs such as wars, corruption within Governments, earthquakes, floods, food shortages, wildfires, and major worldwide natural disasters, one right after another. Those who have eyes to see can see things are changing on this planet at an alarming rate. Based on my personal experience this change seemed to start in the early 1990s, 2012--may have been the date of the mid-point and since then the crisis on Earth has been speeding up at a faster rate. The last few years leading up to 2023, where we are now have been pretty intense. The global wildfires and extreme flooding are something I have never seen to this degree until now and there is reason to believe things are going to get much worse before the shift occurs.

New Earth concepts include:

Energetic Shift:

Everything is energy including our consciousness. We all have a choice due to free will, we can choose to stay in a higher vibration by feeding our minds with loving thoughts, living in a state of awareness of self and others, exercising compassion, and forgiveness, or choose to live in a low vibration of selfishness, fear, jealousy, anger, and scattered energies.

Cannon suggested that the Earth and its inhabitants are undergoing a gradual shift in energy and frequency. This shift would lead to a more harmonious and enlightened existence for humanity. We can see that the Earth is changing, and the weather patterns have gone to the extreme. The Earth cannot continue to exist the way things are currently going and mankind is not doing anything to correct the course. The food we eat, along with the water, and the air are being poisoned.

Individual Transformation:

Each person has the potential to raise their own vibrational frequency through personal growth, healing, and spiritual development. This inner transformation would contribute to the collective shift. I also learned this concept from various other teachers and books saying the same thing such as The Celestine Prophecy and The Law of One. Those who do not want to change or embody their higher version of themselves will not be able to sustain the energy to shift into the higher dimensional New Earth frequencies. Delores mentions that the biggest factor that keeps us coming back to Earth is the creation of Karma. If we do not make peace and forgive others, we are creating Karma that binds us to them. To forgive another is to set oneself free from the entanglement of karma that binds us to another, so if we are having a hard time forgiving, remember, we are doing it for ourselves.

Parallel Realities: Cannon believed that New Earth exists as a parallel reality or dimension that some individuals are already experiencing. It is a place of heightened consciousness, love, and unity. We can picture it like a cell dividing (pictured below) the way to get to this place is via a dimensional shift into a parallel reality. No one knows the exact time and day this is going to occur so it is best to stay steadfast with your vision, do you want to live on a paradise version of Earth or go down with the old world? The separation has begun and you get to choose the reality that you are a vibrational match to, what will it be, Heaven or Hell?


In her work, Delores often mentioned that time is an illusion and that the past, present, and future exist simultaneously. This perspective challenges our conventional understanding of time. I actually experienced this during a psychedelic session that blew my mind, ironically this happened after I went to the QHHT level 1 training in Miami where I met a Shaman who happened to be at the training too. Once it was over, a few of us went to her home. I made a decision to experience an ego death, and at that moment I left my body and flew out into the universe and looked down and saw everything happening simultaneously all at once, it was extremely intense to be able to see all the layers upon layers happening at the same time. I experienced a jolt to my body and I understand how most minds cannot see this because it is not an easy thing to comprehend.

Another interesting thing that happened to me during that experience was to see what looked like a universal mind complex that appeared as a grid of white light and almost looked like white lightening shooting out against the darkness of outer space and I saw that every being in the Universe is connected to this thought complex. Could this be the mind of God? The idea that everything is happening all at once is a difficult one to understand but I think I can grasp it based on the Mind Complex vision, it is as if we are everywhere all at once living out different realities in ONE mind.

Delores Cannon's Books

Delores Cannon's extensive body of work includes numerous books, where she documented the insights gained from her regression sessions. Some of her most notable works include:

The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth

The Convoluted Universe (a multi-volume series)

The Custodians: Beyond Abduction

The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge


Jesus and The Essenes and more.

These books offer profound insights into spirituality, metaphysics, and the potential for human evolution.

Delores Cannon's exploration of New Earth has left an indelible mark on the spiritual community, encouraging us to question the nature of reality and our place within it. As we continue our individual and collective journeys toward higher consciousness, her work remains a guiding light, illuminating the path toward a more enlightened and harmonious existence.

Learning QHHT:

As I mentioned earlier, I finally decided to learn QHHT and I am currently an intern who is being called to pick back up where I left off and finish my level 1 by offering Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique for those in my area. If you are in the Virginia and West Virginia Alleghany Mountain area, reach out if you would like a healing session. I would be honored to assist you on your healing journey.

If you're eager to learn more about Delores Cannon's work and the concept of New Earth, there are several resources available, I would start at the official website:

Online & in-person workshops: These can provide a deeper understanding of her work and its applications.

Books and Lectures: Delores Cannon's books and lectures are widely available online and in bookstores, making it easy to dive into her work.

Local Regression Therapy: Seek out qualified QHHT regression therapists in your area.

And stay tuned, I will be writing more about how to heal and upgrade your frequency. One of the reasons I organize themed retreats is to bring people together for healing purposes. The guides that I work with are a powerful group of beings that can make shifts occur when one is ready.

Feel free to comment below if you would like to share a profound experience along the lines of the topic in this blog post.

Please watch the video below to listen to Delores' insights if you are interested in learning more about her. This is where I received inspiration to go ahead and discuss the New Earth in this blog post. Hope you enjoyed it.

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