My Spiritual Awakening Journey

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My spiritual-awakening journey began in the late 1990’s during my mid-twenties when I was going through a disillusionment with organized religion; at the time, my Jehovah Witness mother told me that having psychic abilities came from the Devil. This explanation did not sit well with me, it sounded like a bunch of bullshit. The devil did not create me and therefore, has no power over my life. So why should I give credit to this thing called the Devil for giving me extra sensory perception when I never asked for it? This phenomenon just started happening and the Devil had nothing to do with it.

I needed to know what was going on with me, so I began my own search for truth and meaning by walking away from all that I knew up until this point. The day that I stepped away from my family's fear-based, religious-programming was a good day. I walked away from something that I now believe was created by man in order to control the population by manipulative forces. Liberation is a good feeling; one I remember well, and I never looked back.

The psychic visions began in my mid-twenties somewhere around the age of 25 when things got weird. The visions occurred in flashes before my eyes as if I were watching a movie screen. I started seeing things before it happened, and other strange phenomena that no one teaches us about in school, at least they didn’t back in the 70’s and 80’s when I was growing up. And as a result of having no one to turn to for answers, I learned early on that we cannot confide in certain people about spiritual matters or else we may find ourselves overly medicated by a physician and looked down upon as if there is something wrong with us.

At the same time that I started seeing things, I also started hearing a voice that showed up as a spirit guide. This guide started speaking to me while I was in a tanning bed. As I was laying there cooking my skin before I knew better; I heard her voice in my head and it scared me! I thought I was going crazy for a moment and then she reassured me. In the corner of the room in my mind's eye, there was an apparition in glowing white that said she came to help me as a guide, she said that her name was Mary. And at that moment I experienced my first blissful hug from the spirit-world with a high vibration of love that left my entire body tingling from head to toe.

My next meeting with Mary was while I was at the kitchen sink washing dishes. I asked her what her full name was, and she said it was “Mary Stuart” and spelled it out carefully. It was important that I knew it was Stuart spelled S-T-U-A-R-T, not Stewart spelled S-T-E-W-A-R-T. The next day I was guided to go to the local library. The irony of the timing of her showing up back then was that I happened to be living in a town called Maryville. So, I ventured out to the Maryville library, not sure what I was looking for, only that I needed to go there to find information. It was as if something was guiding my footsteps to go down a certain aisle. I only went down two aisles before I turned to my left and then to my right and there at eye level to my right was the book called Mary, Queen of Scots, by the author Margaret George. The book was screaming at me to grab it. After reading this book I was moved to tears. I became convinced that the real Mary, Queen of the Scots was my guide and at that time I did not know why; this would partly be revealed to me later in life. When I read this book, I knew nothing about Mary, I didn’t even know her maiden name was Stuart, so imagine the chills I got as I read this in the beginning entry of the book. It was as if Margaret George channeled her from the other side. This was a profound time of spiritual awakening in my life. I learned that humans could receive guidance from the spirit world, and this didn't make us evil, nor did the gift of sight or clairaudience come from the Devil.

Over the years since then, I have become acquainted with the spirit world in more ways than just being aware of having spirit guides as Guardian Angels, but I will share these stories for a later time. I have three main guides that I call " The Three Marys," only in my story, two of the three were mentioned in the Christian bible, the other Mary was Scottish royalty. I would later find out that our family line on my maternal grandmother's side is related to the bastards of a Scottish King. And yes, I was born with auburn-red hair, like my grandmother and our Celtic ancestors that came before us, there is a connection even if I do not fully understand it.

My spirit guides have saved my butt on more than a few occasions. There was that time I fell asleep and left a candle burning in a metal container on a wooden shelf in the bathroom. I was awakened while in a deep sleep by my guide's voice telling me “go to the bathroom” and she kept urging me to “go to the bathroom.” I replied to the voice I could hear clearly in my head “but I don’t need to go to the bathroom.” If she hadn’t persisted, I would not have been able to stop the flame from going out of control. By the time I got out of bed and went to the bathroom, the hot metal candle had burned into the wooden shelf and the flame was almost to the ceiling of the apartment. Not only was my butt spared that day but so was the apartment building that I occupied at the time.

This story seems relevant when describing my personal spiritual journey in the beginning. Since I have been in communion with my teachers in the spirit realms for the majority of my life; I have learned to trust their messages as a life-or-death issue. There was a time when I was warned that I was going to get into a car wreck before it happened and then it happened. I will save that story for a later date as well.

Keep in mind; while I am sharing a few stories of my first understanding of the spirit world and psychic phenomena, this does not mean that I have all of the answers. And anyone claiming to be psychic cannot be accurate 100% of the time, due to variables. If someone is claiming to be a Messiah, the Guru or a Savior, be wary of them, especially if they state that we need them in order to reach the promised land. Words are meaningless in this illusory world full of false advertising, if there ever was a Devil, it would probably be the world of entrapment by distractions that are aired to us nonstop via electronic devices and societal rules that keep us from realizing our true self, along with our full-potential.

To be continued...

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