7 Ways Aphrodite Can Enhance Your Love Life

Updated: Jun 8


Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of love, also known for her beauty. If we are lacking in the self-love department, or if we need inspiration for a creative project, we can tap into her energy to help us.

It may be useful to know that her Archetype is the physical embodiment of romantic love, beauty, and all things sensual, she also shows us what healthy sexuality looks like.

They say she is the Goddess of poetry, music, love, passion, and pleasure. She teaches us that true love begins with self-love and self-care. Venus is the Roman version of Aphrodite. In fact, man’s love for her is so great, she has an entire planet named after her. Here lie her weaknesses: because she holds great power in external beauty alone, this presents the test of character. When out of balance she can appear vain, haughty, jealous, spiteful, and egotistical. But when in balance, she is beautiful.

Aphrodite’s Elemental Archetypes

The Roman Goddess Venus and the Greek Goddess Aphrodite are one in the same. She comes from the Mediterranean Sea with its sandy beaches, and blue-green, crystal clear, waters.

Their main strength comes from their dominant traits such as the element of water which encompasses the realm of emotions. They are famous for having been born from the sea.

Their secondary archetypal energy strength comes from being sensual like the earth, so I have classified this Goddess into a water/earth category. This doesn’t mean that she doesn't exhibit other traits, but for a greater understanding of how we can apply the Goddess's energies to our life, we are mainly interested in their dominant traits.

Water is soft, soothing, and fluid, yet, at the same time, it is a powerful force with its ability to carve out canyons and support all life on earth. The element of earth is the perfect companion to water for it supplies the structured support to contain water. Due to these two traits, she is much stronger than she appears on the surface and should not be underestimated due to her feminine appearance.

Aphrodite says, “I may appear delicate like a flower on the outside, but within me, there is a strength as strong as the raging sea.” (Where she was born)

So how can we use the goddess Aphrodite to enhance our love life?


7 Ways to Get in Touch with Your Inner Aphrodite

There are techniques and ceremonies you can do to get in touch with your inner Aphrodite. From self-care to love spells, here are ways to connect to Aphrodite's energy to find your own version of love and beauty.

  1. Adorn your temple (body) with clothing, scented lotions, perfumes, and items that make you feel beautiful. When we feel beautiful, we are!

  2. For singles, write down in your journal a list of what you need in a romantic partner, and if you are in a relationship, write down characteristics that you desire in your partner. In order to manifest something, we must be clear on what it is we desire. And for those in a relationship, the goal is to show us what we need to give to ourselves if we are not getting it from another person.

  3. Journal exercise; write a poem to the beloved expressing your love for them. (If you want some inspiration, read poetry by Rumi or Hafiz)

  4. Get crafty; make a crown or a necklace from ivy or bendable reeds and decorate it with fresh flowers and other objects found in nature. We could use seashells or anything that has special meaning for us when it comes to representing love and beauty.

  5. Create a love spell to attract your ideal partner - one that compliments your strengths and weaknesses. Instead of focusing on one person, we will create the intention to be more attractive in general and in this way attract individuals to us because we are simply irresistible. * Fill a sachet with a few flowers such as rose and lavender. Use crystals such as quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, red carnelian, or red jasper. Place it under your pillow a few days prior to the full moon and remove it after 3 nights. You can combine this love spell with #6 & #7 to make it even more powerful.

  6. Make a date with yourself by lighting some candles and soaking in a salt bath with rose petals and crystals of your choice. Meditate with the intention of finding your inner Aphrodite. We can also ask her to show us exactly what we need to heal to become more attractive to others and more loving towards ourselves. Once we love ourselves fully, we will not allow anyone into our space that would destroy our inner peace, harmony and beauty.

  7. Give yourself permission to experience an orgasm. Aphrodite says, "bliss is my birthright." The mind-program of shame and guilt passed down to us in various cultures through religious dogma is not a thought process that the Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure is operating from. If we need help with releasing any shame or guilt when enjoying what inherently belongs to us, our body, we can call upon Venus or Aphrodite to help us with releasing this mind program. The body is built to enjoy the senses. I am not encouraging the overindulgence of earthly delights or promoting anything that would cause harm to another person, but what I would like to bring attention to is that in order to express a healthy view of sexuality; we must first release the generational mind program that made some of us feel guilty about sexual pleasure. *After intentionally letting it go, we need to make sure that we refill the void with the frequency of love and acceptance of our natural state.

Affirmation: "I am beautiful and worthy of love just the way that I am."- Aphrodite

When we incorporate daily self-care and create sacred space through ritual, we invite more of what we do want into our life, ultimately improving our love-life.

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