How to Get in Touch with Your Inner Artemis

Updated: May 28


Who is the Goddess Artemis?

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the hunt, the moon and wild places. She is the twin sister to Apollo and daughter of Zeus and Leto. She is the ultimate badass when it comes to being independent, self-sufficient wild, and free. Her strength, self-confidence and independence are what sets her apart from the rest. She embodies the archetype of the warrior goddess in spirit as a defender of the animals and of nature. You will find her in the forest, mountains or a wilderness surrounded by her animal companions. They say her favorite companions are the deer, wild pigs, bears and hound dogs, she has mastered telepathic communication with the animals. Due to being an Olympian (the athletic type), she is an exceptional hunter for food and is self-sufficient on her own. When I connect to her energy, she reminds me of the wild woman, Jane in the story Tarzan and Jane from the author Edgar Rice Burroughs. She is the maiden archetype that wears little clothing and is not afraid to show off her legs and her breasts. Some may consider her to be sexy AF due to her uninhibited nature.

She falls under the virgin classification due to this being a thing in the ancient world. I wonder if this was their way of distinguishing her age, or that she was pure and not what the religious leaders would deem a prostitute. Since there are more than a few virgin-goddesses, it’s worth mentioning but I do not feel it is a significant representation of women in our modern times. How many of us would stay an eternal virgin for the sake of purity? I can hear Artemis say, “it’s none of your business whether I am a virgin or not.” She will not engage in relationships with just anybody, nor will she be shamed for her choices. Since she is also a Goddess of the moon, this shows us she is in tune with the cycles of life, I have no doubt you can find her dancing naked under the moonlight from time to time.


How can tapping into Artemis's energy empower women in our modern world?

  1. Take a class on forest foraging and learn about wild edibles. Artemis can teach us how to be independent & self-sufficient. Any woman that hangs out with animals in the woods and catches her own food knows how to survive and thrive. Educate yourself on the plants that are safe to eat and those to avoid.

  2. Trust your gut instincts, more often than not, we learn this skill through trial and error but eventually we learn to trust our intuition. Artemis does not second guess herself, she trusts her instincts, when she first meets someone, her intuition tells her if they are for her or not. She is perfectly happy hanging out with creatures in the woods over anybody that would waste her precious time, or with those that would try to exploit her.

  3. She is courageous and highly skilled with her bow and arrow. She will fight for those that have no voice. She understands that her voice is powerful, and she uses her actions to protect her animal friends, as well as endangered species and wild natural places. She is the activist, the environmentalist, and the warrior for social justice. We can embody her energy when we volunteer to help with a cause for those that have no voice.

  4. Claim your power. Choose not to play the victim role, or the blame game. Artemis accepts full responsibility for her life.

  5. Never apologize for being you. She is comfortable asserting her independence and exercising her boundaries. This is no damsel in distress, her strength lies in her confidence to face any challenge that comes her way.

  6. Practice telepathic animal communication by sending mental images from your mind to theirs. Doing this with larger animals such as dogs and cats is much easier than with groundhogs.

  7. Take a deep breath and repeat this affirmation several times until it feels natural if you are struggling with confidence:

“I have all the strength and confidence within me to succeed.”


The Forest is Alive...

If you are ready to immerse yourself in the forest and embody your inner Artemis. We will be exploring these skills for anyone ready to be independent, wild and free.

Join us this summer in the woods of the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia for our first annual Artemis in the Forest Women's Retreat. July 22-24, 2022

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