The 1st Duchess of Marlborough, a Past Life Regression Story

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My first past life regression convinced me that there was something to it when I heard names and saw places that I later confirmed to be a real part of history. The year was 2002 I drove to downtown Denver to experience a past life regression workshop being held in the back of a New Age store that smelled like Nag Champa, its shelves stocked with shiny crystals and occult items. I had no idea what to expect but the one thing I had going for me was an open mind.

The back room had about ten people in it signed up to do the past life regression. I was able to be hypnotized easily and to my surprise I could see and hear everything clearly. The hypnotherapist took us to the theta state, and she asked us what do you see? The first thing I saw was my tan granny boots, and my gown was down to the floor. She asked us what our name was, I heard my full name, it was Sarah Jennings Churchill. And I knew that I was married to an important military commander. My heart swelled with love and pride at the thought of John Churchill. At the time of this regression, I had never heard of Sarah or John, the name sounded familiar because in America we've all heard of Winston Churchill but up until this point I had never heard of Sarah. I also heard that I held a title of Duchess but at the same time, I heard my thoughts say, "titles don't impress me." The regression continued, and she asked us to look in the mirror, I found myself looking into an oval gilded mirror on the wall. I could see that my hair was wispy and put up on my head, the color was dirty blond. I looked young and full of life, I felt pleased at how I looked, and I had a strong body.

The hypnotherapist guided us to various scenes of importance within our story, I saw myself being shown around an estate, there were two young girls giggling at play rolling down the hill. One had ringlets of dark brown hair; I didn't know who she was at the time of the regression, but after doing research I now believe that was the day I met Anne, the girl that would later become Queen. After they were done rolling down the hill, the girls came running to meet me. This day would have been an important one because it was the day that I moved into the Palace to begin working there, I believe my age would have been around fifteen.

Within the regression, I saw different scenes. She asked us how we felt, and I felt like my life was wonderful, like a dream. I had everything I ever wanted. I had a husband that I had great affection for and adored at time when most people did not have true love in their marriages. My life felt good, as I walked around, I saw that I lived in luxury, and I had a sense of accomplishment that made me feel satisfied. I saw myself walking down a hallway that took me to a room with French doors, when I opened the doors, I saw an outdoor courtyard with no grass, it was as if nothing had been planted. It seemed to be an empty house because my granny boots echoed as they touched the floor. This must have been my memory of Blenheim Palace as it was being constructed, there is the large courtyard that still does not have grass till this day, and I believe this is what I saw. The thought went through my mind that I would have preferred grass to what was there. I also pulled a golden colored skeleton key out of my pocket and held it up in my hand, and I knew it stood for something important. As I mentioned, I did not know that I was seeing an actual historical figure until years later when I decided to do some research on the name and to my surprise, I was able to verify what I saw in great detail with historical records.

The weird thing is my whole life correlates with that one except in this one, I am not famous, and I am not married to the love of my life. There was that time I thought I wanted to go to school to be a nurse, so I took a job at a nursing home. I remembered the old man that I was taking care of look at me as if he didn't know who I was and ask me, "what are you doing here?" I said "what?" He said, "what is a Duchess doing here in a place like this?" At the moment, I had a flashback and saw myself wearing a beautiful light blue gown with gorgeous soft flowing sleeves, this was my favorite gown (there is a painting of Sarah wearing it). When it happened, I just thought he was senile and forgot who I was for a moment, it didn't occur to me that spirit spoke through him to stir up a soul memory. At this point in my life, I didn't even know past lives was a thing. I made a mental note of the incident because it was unusual. There was that one time I was walking and heard a man shouting "Sarah, Sarah!" and I turned around excited to hear his voice. But I am thinking, my name is not Sarah, and that was weird because I knew that he was calling me. I don't know if there is such a thing as parallel worlds or if it is something else when we see and hear things from another time, but I made a note of it. If I had never done a past life regression, I would not have understood that those two peculiar moments had meaning for me.

As a child I would have temper tantrums because I felt hopeless, with no power. When they wouldn't let me have ice-cream because I might pee in the bed; I kicked the walls and had a crying tantrum, in my mind I was thinking how dare you treat me this way, don't you know who I am? I felt like I had been someone important even though I did not understand why. When I was in about the third grade, I looked through my grandmother's encyclopedias, there was the picture of the Churchill family that I stared at, and I wouldn't remember this until years later when I researched Sarah. There was that same picture of a family that I would stare at in the encyclopedia from years ago. As a child I must have remembered this on some level. About the same time in elementary school there was a boy that called me Medusa because of my curly hair sticking out like snakes, I later found out Sarah was hated by a few people for her position with Queen Anne and she was made out to be a Medusa character in a newspaper article. John and Sarah, the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough were among the first celebrities of the late 1600's early1700's. Sarah in particular, received much ridicule in their newspapers printed in their day.

The realization of how this one particular past life has been affecting me all these years in this life occurred to me one day as I was driving past several streets in the neighborhood where I was living at the time, the streets were named after people and places from England and from Sarah's life, one was St Albans Court, Scarborough Way and Pembroke Circle. Sarah was born at St Albans, and there was the characters Scarborough and Pembroke living at the same time as she. When I smoked cigarettes many years ago, my favorite brand was Marlboro, I liked the name of it without knowing why.

The first time I saw a movie with a handsome man wearing 16th century clothing, and sporting a long ponytail wig, I couldn't stop staring, the memories of the dark-haired man flooded my mind. When I started looking for love, I found myself without knowing it looking for John in this lifetime. He had dark hair and brown eyes, and this happened to be what I was attracted to. Since this first past life regression, I have had more memories resurface. There was an unexpected flashback to a conversation where John told me that with my temper, I should have been born a redhead. I told him that if reincarnation was a real thing, an eastern concept that I had heard of "I will come back as a redhead in another life." And here I am, doing it again, this time as a red head.

The story gets even more interesting as I dissect it. There is the part where my biological father's name was Juan, and my mother thought she would name me Dejuana, in English it means "of John." At some point, I no longer resonated with my birth name, so I changed it legally, but I made a mental note of what my birth name meant because for some reason, it felt important to know. The reason this life correlates with that one is that I came back to resolve some karma. I wanted to do things over and do it better this time. Not that I was a terrible person in that life but there were a few things that I felt I could have done better. And as far as John goes, he was away for weeks, sometimes months at a time doing his duty for his country. While he was away, he would have affairs, and this caused me to want to divorce him. Wherever he is in this lifetime, one of his karmic tests will be to see if he can be faithful to one woman. I believe he is here, and we are in two different worlds, my gifts are more spiritual while he may be more solid in the 3D physical world. I believe he was a soul mate or perhaps even a twin flame, if there is such a thing. I don't know if we will ever be able to come together in this lifetime. It feels to me like he got distracted and forgot to look for me. Of course, this has brought up my abandonment wounds from being fatherless and my mother left us when we were toddlers to live with our grandparents. And another thing, it has been brought to my attention that there has been some interference by a force that may be trying to block our soul union from ever happening. They say twin souls have a powerful mission together, if this is a real thing. Supposedly when they first come together, they mirror each other, and this can trigger all kinds of shadow-self aspects to come to the surface for healing and clearing purposes. If the two souls are not in alignment, they will repel each other. When they are in alignment energetically, they will magnetize like a magnet. As I mentioned, I have looked for him without any luck, at this point in time, he remains nothing more than a distant memory from another life and I am left wondering if there is such a thing as a twin-soul or soul mate.

Back to the past life regression, the hypnotherapist took us to the last day of life on earth in that lifetime. I saw myself in bed wearing a dark velvet garment over a white cotton gown. There were four or five people in the room standing around the bed and there was a window to my side. The main image that I noticed was how old my hands looked with big veins popping out. Despite the fact that I was old, I felt at peace, and I was ready to die. That life was a rich and rewarding one. Someone asked me why do we only see important lifetimes in regression? I don't believe that is the case for everyone, after the regression was over, everyone shared their experiences and each one was different. One girl saw herself being burned at the stake and another person saw themselves living a normal life in the1950's. I guess this "Sarah Jennings Churchill" life was important for the reasons that I mentioned, there is some karma to resolve, and that life correlates with this one the most. We don't always get to be rich, or famous. As an eternal soul we come here to experience life on many levels, and I believe our goal is to transcend into higher depths of knowledge and experience. There would be no point to reincarnating if every lifetime was exactly like the one before it and if we didn't overcome the trials and tribulations that we may have failed at in a previous attempt.

I hope that in sharing my story, it will pique the interest in those of you that have never done a past life regression and serve as validation for someone out there that has had similar experiences.

"To remember is to understand"

Before I close, I would like to announce that I am now able to offer past life regression to clients as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique intern. I have more stories to share regarding past life regression but for today, this is where my past-life regression story as Sarah, the Duchess of Marlborough ends. Please feel free to comment and share if you feel drawn to.

Devina in 2022 (49 years)


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