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Who are the Pleiadians and was Lemuria in Hawaii?

Who are the Pleiadians? And was Lemuria in Hawaii?

Many are questioning if modern-day Hawaii (Kauai, specifically) is the original location of Lemuria, the speculated location of where humanity began. This theory has long been talked about in many circles and in many metaphysical books and spiritual philosophers' teachings. According to the Kryon books of channeled writings, we explore the Pleiadians and their role in the beginning of humanity, who they are, and where they are from.

Taken from The Kryon Book Twelve – The Twelve Layers of DNA – Pages 54-67:
In metaphysics, there are often very startling and unbelievable premises. This is especially true if you are new to it. Those who have been in it a long time don’t flinch. But some of the attributes of how humanity got started are hard to believe since there really is no science to back it up.

On page 258 of this book, I present a channeling entitled, “The History of DNA and the Human Race.” If you make it that far, then all the information within that chapter fourteen will be already revealed. But I wanted you to hear it from Kryon directly, as well as in this personal article, so you’ll have a better idea of what Kryon has told us.

What I discuss next has little or no scientific basis, but more than a billion people on the planet are just fine with the allegory of Adam and Eve. This, of course, has even less science behind it but it’s just fine since it is the core mythology that we find in the Bible (written by Humans, remember?).


It’s interesting that we will fight wars over this mythology and “take it to the bank,” as they say. But let someone like me, for instance, talk about something else that might have happened and those in the various religious boxes find it totally unbelievable. They will pound the table and yell and say, “What’s wrong with you? The Bible clearly tells us what happened!”


So I ponder the statement without a fight. (My belief system is not evangelical and invites a place for all spiritual thinking.) But my inside just wants so bad to say, “OK, you can keep your talking snake story. I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

Evolutionary information changes all the time. Once we thought that the Grand Canyon took millions of years to create. Now, we are not certain. It could have been only a few hundred! Geology itself is changing greatly, and with it, many of the anthropological beliefs are being challenged as well. So let’s just say it – here is something that nobody ever thinks about:

There is Only One Kind of Human on The Planet

“What?” some will say. “There are many kinds!” Not really. There are many colors and sizes, but only one kind. Gone to the zoo lately and looked at the other mammals? What about those who even look like us? There are seemingly dozens of kinds of monkeys – sizes, hair color, shape, with and without tails, etc. If you look at almost all the other animals on the planet, there are many “types,” but Humans have only one type – the one you are looking at in the mirror.

Nobody thinks about this since it’s so common that it’s out of sight and out of mind. But it truly is counterintuitive to the whole method of Earth evolution. Think about it. How is it that we only have one Human type when evolution naturally creates many types? The animals around us show it, yet we don’t fit this evolutionary mold at all. How could this be?

Kryon has given the answer many times and started in about 1990 or so telling us about the “seeding of Human DNA” with spiritual attributes from afar. It’s the story of the Pleiadian connection and the beginning of Lemuria. Kryon’s statement is this: “Don’t go back in history any further than 100,000 years to find Humans who are like you.” Anthropologists tell us that Humans were in development long before that, so what’s Kryon talking about? It’s about an extremely controversial premise that has our Human DNA being changed by those from another star system about 100,000 years ago. (Please don’t put down the book yet. Wait at least until the end of this section.)

Kryon has told us that beings from another world, who look much like we do, came to this planet over a period of many years and literally interfered (appropriately) with normal Human evolution. They gave us the layers of DNA that we now see as spiritual. They enabled our entire race to be part of the spiritual plan of the Universe, and allowed us to become “pieces of God”. If you tell this to other people who are not metaphysical, they will run the other way. The Adam and Eve story are somehow far more acceptable! The apple, the snake, God’s garden, the devil, Human innocence is all a much more believable story than something to do with ETs. (It seems that a devil story always wins over an ET story.)

This Pleiadian story does not belong to Kryon. In fact, it has been with us for a very long time in other cultures, and even perhaps from the beginning. But in metaphysics, it has been told and retold by authors and channellers since I was born. Along with it, of course, comes those who wish to take this beautiful story straight into drama – wars between worlds, controversial “takeover Earth” scenarios and a group of lizard folks (“Lizzies”) that hide beneath our skin.


I know this because I had the honored distinction of actually being called a “Lizzie” in a public forum. My, that was such a proud day in my life (sigh). This, by the way, is so common with almost everything esoteric that I hesitate to even comment on it. It’s what Human nature does, and many just love to be scared and spin around in the drama of it all.


Conspiratorial energies are far, far easier to manifest than ones where we might actually have to look within ourselves and find the truth. They are the ultimate distraction from maturing. My “Lizzie branding” experience was actually quite mild in comparison to the three-month campaign by a woman in Tucson who labeled me the “Evil of the Century” about 15 years ago. So it was mild and kind of cute.

Let’s look at Some Synchronicity

I sat in a circle with the Hawaiian elder “Grandfather” Hale Makua in 1990 on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaiians, much like the American Indians, pass down their history verbally through the young men of the tribe. They tell them the same stories over and over from the time they are able to comprehend, and they depend on this method to make certain their history is known correctly and will continue to be passed on accurately. There are basically two reasons for not putting this in some kind of written archive:

(1) Not all the tribes were literate when this method began, and

(2) To keep it away from those who are not authorized to hear this sacred information (those they don’t trust, like us).

Makua was a modern man, having served as a Marine in Vietnam. But he was also destined to be a spiritual leader for his Hawaiian people, and many turned to him for wisdom. Upholding the tradition, he taught the young Hawaiian men about their Polynesian history. The focus, by the way, is always on the ancestors. My presence in an outer circle of non-Hawaiians was a gift from Makua, and a statement that he really wanted others of like consciousness to begin to know what he knew. The pure Hawaiians are facing a challenge that many of the indigenous are also seeing; the modern world is beginning to cull out many of the tribe.


The pureness of the race is being cut by intermarriage, and modern culture is carrying away those young tribal men to jobs that pay more, instead of them staying in the tribal areas. Almost worldwide we are seeing many of the indigenous grandfathers begin to trust more and more of us who are not indigenous with some of the sacred secrets of their history. This isn’t an easy decision for them, but it may very well save the record of their people, what they believe, and how they lived.

The balmy afternoon had turned to a warm early evening as a number of us in the invited outer circle continued to listen to Makua. There was a great weight placed on the ancestors of the Hawaiian people. It was Makua’s way and the core of his teaching, for he wanted all to understand that the ancestors had pure knowledge and they also had the wisdom. It was up to the young men to capture it and pass it on.


Then Makua said something that jolted me: “The bodies of our Lemurian ancestors are buried nearby.” It’s the first time I had ever heard the word “Lemuria” used by a Hawaiian teacher! Lemuria was supposed to be the first large civilization of man, according to Kryon and other spiritual historians. It lasted for many thousands of years, mainly due to their isolation. Lemuria was located around, and on, the largest mountain on Earth – the largest not in altitude, but as measured from the bottom to the top. That’s Hawaii. It’s one mountain, currently situated on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, which has various peaks protruding from the water and are known as the Hawaiian Islands. Kryon told us this, but I didn’t know this was also Polynesian lore.

I got very interested in what else Makua might share that could meld indigenous history with our own metaphysics. So when it was appropriate, I asked Makua a burning question: “Master, what is the Polynesian ‘Adam and Eve’ story? In other words, how did humanity begin?” Makua’s answer knocked me over, and thinking about it still gives me chills to this day. He stood up and slowly looked at the sky. When he found what he knew would be there, he raised his arm and his hand pointed to the seven sisters constellation. “The canoes came from there!” he said. Makua was pointing at the Pleiades.

Could it be that ancient Hawaiian history, as taught from the earliest of times, had the same unbelievable ET story as the one Kryon told me? It shook me to the core, for here was my personal proof that what Kryon had said about the Pleiadians was true. They were the masters of our spiritual DNA shift, and this means we will probably meet them someday.

My good friend, Woody Vaspra, and his partner, Catie, are very involved in the task of creating an indigenous wisdom council for the planet. He is president and elder liaison in the World Council of Elders, and he and Catie co-founded this organization. It’s slow going, but in the process, Woody, a pure Hawaiian, has made the journey of years it takes to become recognized as an elder. In Hawaii, they call him Kupuna (elder), which is a title he humbly does not use himself when he is there.

Due to his indigenous work, Woody has been recognized as an elder in many other native circles. The most notable is in his efforts with the Oglala of the Lakota Nation. It was through his process of adoption and participation in the Sundance that they offered Woody the position as Leader of the International Sundance. You must be an elder for this. In my discussions with him, I now realize the profundity of the Seven Sisters Hawaiian story, for Woody informed me that the Hawaiians even have a name for the Pleiadians: Makali’i. There is even a sacred day for ceremony in the months of October and November when the Seven Sisters is directly over Hawaii. All this information I have received even after the death of Makua. I thought I had lost my elder Hawaiian connection, but Woody has rekindled it!

In November of 1998, Kryon channeled that from about 100,000 years ago to about 50,000 years ago, the many kinds of Humans began to slowly diminish. One kind had been given the DNA change by the Pleiadians, and this one kind had slowly replaced all the other kinds. It might be due to intelligence or increased comprehension. It might have been that the “one kind” was better at survival. I don’t know this, and it has never been revealed to me. But this information about there being only one kind of Human remained as just something that was channeled – until December of 1999 when I actually saw the same exact scenario on the cover of Scientific American! (Validation music goes here!)

I was in an airport when I saw the cover. I almost fell over! There on the cover of Scientific American was a drawing of several kinds of Human Beings. The title of the article inside was between them: “Our species had at least 15 cousins. Only we remain. Why?” (Scientific American, January 2000). I have presented this before, and you can actually find a copy of the cover of this magazine in Kryon Book Eight on page 369.

Here it was – what nobody ever thinks about, now openly being questioned. The article inside told the same story Kryon gave us. It seems that we had a good start, like all the other animals, at having a great variety of our kind. There were ones with tails and without tails, etc. But about 100,000 years ago, something happened (according to the magazine) and all the others began to die off, leaving only the kind we have today – you and I.

This is a “confluence of synchronicity”. In other words, many things had come together in a mainstream 3D way that now showed me that the Kryon story was more accurate than ever. I don’t really expect mainstream science to ever agree with the Pleiadian story until the day we actually are visited and a very tall Human figure gets out of a ship and tells the same story. Even then, many won’t believe it.

The synchronicity continues, for what is next was written for this book almost last due to something that happened to me – kind of a punctuation mark on the whole Pleiadian subject. I was stunned when I made a discovery, one that is probably well known to many but had to be presented to me in a certain way as proof, in a sacred place, in the middle of the Australian continent.

Revelation of Indigenous Truths

I love to visit the special places of Earth when I can. In the early days of Kryon, I went to Australia three times, but I never really saw much more than a few sites in almost every one of their fine cities. Even in New Zealand, I didn’t really appreciate what was there – one of the most beautiful scenic wonders of the planet. It was only later in my journeys that I decided to stay and see some of the incredible places of Earth, many times alone, other times with some of the Kryon team. I’m not speaking of the cities I present in, but rather extensive side trips to unusual places that I might be close to while presenting in the larger metropolitan areas.

When planning a trip back to Australia for the fifth time in March 2010, I wanted to finally see the wonder of Ayers Rock. This is a huge, sacred sandstone monolithic, a bright orange rock sticking out of the earth right in the middle of the Australian continent (part of the northern territory in central Australia). Around this mountainous shape are the same red rocks and red dirt that you find in Sedona, Arizona, and the 1100-foot high monolith is one piece of elegantly grooved sandstone, making it a geological oddity. Due to the incredible orange color of it, it is also a photographer’s dream, and well documented and presented in photos all over the world. It’s also an energetic center, kind of the navel of Australia, in a place that has just about zero resources of its own. Everything has to be brought in from the coastal areas – everything.

Other attributes were that this is one of the hottest places in the Australian outback (often up to 118F), filled with giant bugs (to me they were giant), and more flies than I had ever seen in one place. Ants were everywhere, some of them very large, and so you have to watch where you stop since they often quickly try to take up residence in your pant leg. Termite mounds abounded and we were told that there were more wild, single-humped camels in that area than anywhere in the world (didn’t see one). However, despite all these obvious outback attributes, it is a very popular place with good accommodations and strong air conditioning. Paths are clearly marked, roads are good, free transportation is provided, and there is a lot of good help for the tourists. A full resort was there, swimming pools and all, and I just had to go. So I got my tickets ready as soon as they told me I could have a fly net for my hat (a stylish outback hat, of course). The photos are on my Web site if you wish to find them.

Better known these days as the town of Uluru, the government had given the whole area back to the indigenous people in the late ’80s, and a kind of “give and take” was present between the Aborigines and those running the tourist industry. The sacredness of the rock was being honored in some places to the fullest, yet being violated in others. Uluru has its own airport with one runway, surrounded by that beautiful red dirt. Flights were now possible direct from Sydney, something only just available since 2009.

Many places around the rock are so sacred to the elders that they are closed to tourists, and photos are not possible in certain areas. Helicopter rides are only allowed for full rock viewing during early morning hours (for light reasons), and then are restricted in the afternoon (kind of a compromise to the sacredness of the rock versus those who wish to photograph it). There are even rules about female helicopter pilots not being allowed to fly over certain areas (again, following the wishes of the elders of the indigenous tribes who are in charge of the area and who are sensitive about the roles of men and women within their culture).

However, in all this, much to the chagrin of the elders, tourists are still allowed to climb this sacred rock! The elders are in charge, and continually close the path during the day for their own reasons (probably to discourage planning a climb), but the climbers persist. Perhaps in time, that will change, and those who enjoy climbing can scale something else close to it instead (there are other similar rocks within a few miles of it).

So, it is March 2010 and we are an eclectic group of “Kryonites” who are there to brave the flies and ants and hot sun. I was traveling with a few Australian Kryon fans (one of them an experienced park ranger) and Jorge Bianchi (my South American coordinator). After taking off from Sydney, we landed about three hours later to spectacular weather! It was not hot, and had actually been raining! (Seldom does this happen there.) So, against all odds, it was pleasant and green (thank you, God)!


However, the flies were still there. (They have their own convention every day, it seems.)

I remember walking into the hotel registration area with our troupe. A giant centipede was crawling undisturbed in the middle of the lounge, on his way into the kitchen area (probably to get a cup of coffee). Nobody seemed to care, and it was the first indication that bugs are king and we are just visiting their domain.


Dozens of moths and grasshoppers were lounging around, sitting on the guest chairs and tables overlooking the pool (sigh). If you displace them and use the chair yourself, eventually they will be on your lap. I guess there are many of these kinds of places on Earth, but I try to stay away from them. The second star in a hotel rating is supposed to represent a bug-free environment somebody told me that. I don’t know what the first star is – probably that they actually have a building.

Our first and most profound excursion was a trip to the indigenous area, their museums and shops, and also a tour given by a senior elder of the Anangu tribe, responsible for the cultural center. The elder’s name was Sammy. Sammy understood and spoke English (kind of), but he used a young Aborigine interpreter and wished to give the tour around a certain portion of the rock in his native tongue. He was filled with family stories of his long lineage in the area, some even from the 1800s. Many of the tales would take your breath away – some joyful, some sad.

Funny thing about the flies. Did I mention there were flies? They were relentless. If you didn’t have a net, they knew it and no matter how many times you swatted them, they would come back with their relatives for more fun. It was “irritate a channeller” week and they were on to me! But Elder Sammy didn’t have any around him! I watched, and they simply left him alone. Go figure! I also saw them ignore our Aussie ranger, too! Maybe they just know that if you are a tourist from overseas, it’s a lot more fun for a fly. Screaming, swearing, giant hand motions and running around to escape them must actually attract them.


With all of them swarming around, I did manage to eat one, but unfortunately, it was at an outside nighttime formal dinner affair – white tablecloths, gourmet food, people dressed up (sigh). As I was drinking my water (with the gourmet fly in it), I immediately spit it out onto the tablecloth with great “get that live, wiggling giant fly/bug out of my mouth” gusto. Sometimes even celebrity channellers do inappropriate things (double sigh). It keeps me in my place. I immediately stood up, tripped over my chair, and fell in the dirt (very red dirt with very white pants on). Many in my group felt this was the highlight of the evening (triple sigh).

The next day, I was wandering around the cultural center by myself with my fly net in place, reading the history and enjoying the mythology around the creation of the rock, when Monica, our young Aussie park ranger, signaled for me to come to an art gallery. She had discovered something – something that blew me away.

The gallery was of indigenous art, and all about one subject. I entered and looked around. It didn’t strike me at first until I started reading what the paintings were about, all of them! It was an entire gallery dedicated to the explanation of the creation story of the Aborigines and how they got there. There in front of me was painting after painting showing the story of the Seven Sisters, and the part they played in the creation of their humanism. The paintings spoke of the metaphor of how they had come to be with the tribe, then how they had been chased and had “fled into the skies.” I almost fell over. I sat for a moment and took it all in, for every painting in the gallery showed the seven mythological symbols and the same creation story that Makua had related to me in the North Pacific.

I spoke to the shop clerk, a young tribal member, who told me the whole tribal story as he knew it. Indeed, it was the Pleiadians. He also told me that he had read a book that reported this same story was present for the Greeks, the Africans, and even some in northern Europe. With the specter of 2012 looming large, we now even find out that the Maya had the same story! The seven main temples of Tikal represent the Seven Sisters energy. Here I was in the middle of Australia, in a cultural center honoring the tribes of Aborigines who had been there for tens of thousands of years (their records), telling me about Pleiadian creation for all of humanity.

There are some names of the original elders of this tribe that are so sacred that they cannot be mentioned out loud, and are not even known to the tribal members. Could these be the original Pleiadian teachers? This is my conjecture, and perhaps even me romanticizing what happened at Uluru. But there is acknowledgment within many Aborigines that Uluru is the beginning of their continental Aboriginal civilization before they moved out and explored the rest of the continent.


What are the odds of this, that so many indigenous from all over the earth would have the same story? They had never met, had no way to communicate, yet they had similar mythology around the seven sisters' star system and how creation had begun. It had all begun with sentient Human Beings, who were fully developed and conscious, not developing cave men or savages. All creation stories are that way, even the one in the Garden of Eden. It begins with Humans who are not aware and who then become aware.

A few days later, Kryon gave a very profound channeling for the New Zealand crowd in Auckland. He spoke of the seven sisters of creation and how Lemuria was created in Hawaii to become the oldest, most long-lived, and most harmonious single civilization on the planet. He spoke of outrageous timelines that have no proof in science, but that would eventually be uncovered. He told us that when the waters started to rise (when the ice started melting) that many of the Lemurians of Hawaii became seafaring and followed the currents directly to (you guessed it) New Zealand.


He pointed out that although Australia and the Aborigines were far closer, the currents didn’t support easy access to New Zealand, so the Hawaiian Lemurians were the ones who became the indigenous of that South Pacific nation, and became the Maori of New Zealand.

He went on to describe the fact that the indigenous of New Zealand were Polynesian, not Aboriginal, and that although Australia had more than 700 tribal languages developed over time, those Maori tribes in New Zealand did not disseminate nearly to that degree, and to this day this nation is known for the wisdom and harmonious nature of their indigenous people. We also know that their language is very close to the Hawaiian language!

It starts to make sense to those who are esoteric. Still, to those academics who see this, it remains coincidental, and part of “what ancient civilizations tended to do with the stars and constellations over time.” I fully understand the logic in this and celebrate the scientists who want to remain detached from such a wild premise.


Still, to me, there is something here even for science to discover in the future. Most scientists will tell you that too many coincidences eventually beg to look into.

To put an exclamation point on all this, I had a seminar attendee come up to me at the end of the channeling. She seemed to be part Maori, but it was hard to know. There are many families who have integrated with the Maori lineage, and it’s very common in New Zealand. She took me aside and gave me some information that showed that, indeed, the Maori had a very similar creation story, although veiled in the names of a joined parent, mother/father sky, and their six children.


Their name for the Pleiadians is very similar to the Hawaiian name Makali’i. Theirs is Matariki, and they have created a New Year harvest festival around them that exists to this day. Here we see very similar scenarios as the Hawaiians and the Aborigines and the Maya – a Seven Sisters creation story. I wasn’t surprised, but I got the chills of validation as though Kryon was telling me, “Here it is again for you to hear personally, right where it happened.”

So within the teaching of the various layers (energies) of DNA, you will see the “Lemurian” layers. Then you will know the background as to why they are there, for these will be the ones that were placed there, especially for our spiritual lineage, by those brothers and sisters from another star system, viewable to us in both hemispheres of our sky.

It was done on purpose, appropriately, and with full approval by all. We are the ones who planned this earth from the beginning, and who may have actually been part of another “earth” like ours a long time ago in a star system called The Seven Sisters.


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