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Women's Spiritual Retreats in Virginia

Women’s Mountain
Retreats - Spring & Summer!

Heal and Rejuvenate for our Women's Hot Springs Retreat in Bath County, Virginia

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'Artemis in  the Forest'
s Spiritual Summer Camp!

Join us for the Women's Spiritual Summer Camp in beautiful and wild West Virginia! This women's healing retreat will be held in Watoga State Park, WV. Nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, our retreat location is surrounded by lush green forests and babbling brooks, providing the perfect environment for playing, spiritual reflection and rejuvenation.

Theme: Artemis of the Forest

This "summer camp" style retreat is designed for women who are seeking to connect with their spiritual selves, and other spiritual women and explore metaphysical concepts.

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Women's 3-Day Hot Springs Retreat

Join us in building a spiritual community of like-minded Sisters. Come heal and rejuvenate at our weekend Women's Hot Springs Retreat in Bath County, Virginia.

The County of Bath (also known as the Alleghany Highlands) is a beautiful place surrounded by pristine nature. For centuries, people have come to experience the healing waters of the natural hot springs. The minerals within the sacred waters have been said to heal all kinds of ailments.


The breathtaking views of the Allegheny Mountains are a constant invitation to come out and play!

  • Meditation + Ceremony​

  • Ancient Hot Springs Mineral Soak

  • Restorative Yoga + Movement 

  • Forest Bathing with Gaia +Journaling

  • Energy Healing + Reiki

  • Local Site Seeing


Price includes the healing program, some meals, yoga, group excursions, & hot springs entrance fees.

Not included: lodging, optional add-on activities, and transportation (we will offer a list of recommended lodging options).

Image by Vasu Pendyala
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Cliffs of Moher in Ireland with our travel group.

Hosted by Devina St. Claire,
Founder of Earth Goddess Rising

Hello, Earth Goddesses, my name is Devina. I will be your group Facilitator and Guide. I am excited and honored to be here with you on this journey of magical co-collaboration.

I consider myself a visionary, an Earth keeper, and a Priestess

that works with Master guides.  My personality type is the Protagonist, at 58% extroverted and 42% introverted. I utilize my gifts, knowledge, and training in Quantum Energy Healing, Reiki, Shamanic studies, and my gift of clairvoyance to assist in you along your journey. When it comes to facilitating healing work, it is important to remember that we are not the ones doing the healing. There is a force of infinite intelligence doing the work-- as long as we allow it. At the same time, we can only assist one another as far as we have come with our healing journey. Not all Healers, and Teachers vibrate in love & light, therefore, they can not truly do anything, sorry but this is the truth. Only individuals that work from their "heart center" can be of service and the rest is up to the individual receiving. 

As far as creating beautiful, meaningful events, this is where I feel honored to co-create with the divine and with each participant.

As Aristotle once said, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts;" I agree with that statement and truly appreciate how each person that joins us on our ventures adds a different quality, which makes every event a truly unique and memorable experience.


What You'll Experience at this Retreat

Heal and rejuvenate for a 3-day Virginia Hot Springs Retreat in Bath County, Virginia. Itinerary details are confidential and shared only with confirmed attendees.


Earth Goddess Rising understands that power shared is power multiplied. We are committed to assisting our sisters with their personal healing journey. The last few years have been riddled with fear, anxiety, trauma, and for many, isolation and depression. This retreat is one that is not only needed but essential to our healing and mental and emotional well-being. We are taking a step forward to reintegrate in a safe and calming environment with like-minded women. Nature is healing, and the purpose of this retreat is healing: mind, body, and spirit while working with Goddess Archetypes through exercises.


We are pleased to offer a safe container for women to come together for mind, body, and spiritual exploration. Earth Goddess Rising retreats are magical experiences intended to heal and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. We are spiritual (not religious), new age, metaphysical nature lovers. We’re interested in yoga, spirit animals, crystals, meditation, energy work, natural and holistic healing. If you resonate with these, you are part of our soul tribe!

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