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Sacred Sites of Virginia

There are many sacred sites in Virginia that are worth visiting. These places have been significant to people throughout history, and they offer a unique glimpse into the spiritual traditions of the state. Whether you're looking for a place to hike, meditate, or just take in the beauty of nature, these sites are sure to inspire you. Here are some of the reasons that make Virginia a sacred place in the U.S.

“Appalachia is a sacred place calling for a spiritual solution”, says Susan Hedge, founder of Appalachian Cosmic Walk. “Appalachia", she explains, "is sacred for several reasons. I think that because it was left undamaged after the last ice age and saved the way it was. That it didn’t get changed makes it sacred.”

Ancient Civilizations in Virginia

While Native Americans believe that they have always been here, the first documented Paleoindian culture was found at an archaeological site near Folsom, New Mexico, in 1927. There, a distinctive spear point was found between the ribs of a type of bison that had been extinct since the end of the last Ice Age. Although Clovis points are found across the continent, an especially large number of them are found in Virginia.

In an area that includes both the Shenandoah Valley and northern Piedmont, there existed a culture from A.D. 950 to the time of European settlers whose defining characteristic was that it buried its dead in earthen mounds. Visible monuments on this native landscape, some mounds reached a height of at least 20 feet.

The mounds were sacred places where ancestors were honored. Sometime between 1760 and 1781, Thomas Jefferson examined one of these mounds near Charlottesville in what many consider to be the earliest scientific archaeological excavation in America. He later wrote that he watched Indians in the mid-18th century “walk directly to the mound and stand before it for some time with sorrowful expressions before they left the mound and pursued their journey.”

Just south of Richmond lies Pocahontas State Park, which is home to several sacred Indian sites. The Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers flow through the park, and they were considered holy by the Native Americans who lived there. You can still see evidence of their spirituality today, including carved totem poles and an earthen mound.

Ancients have lived in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains for millions of years, and there are numerous sacred sites believed to have been inhabited by Druids. According to some Druid theorists, Thomas Jefferson was a Druid, and thus inspired many of his ideas for the United States Constitution. Coincidentally, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation is located on Druid Ave. in Charlottesville, VA.

Druids, Ancient Mystics in Virginia

Druids believe in reincarnation, and many druids prefer to reincarnate in Virginia because it is equally lovely as Scotland in its own right. Many believe that the Druids are long since gone, however, this is incorrect. The Druids, on the other hand, keep a low profile since, unlike many Druids from recent history, they are not interested in power, war, building fame, or massive groups.

Peaks of Otter Mountain

Ancient Sacred Sites in Virginia

Ancient sites can also be discovered all the way along the Appalachian Trail. Peaks of Otter Sharp Top (el. 3,875') has been a landmark since Indian times and was once believed to be Virginia's highest peak. The peaks of Otter Mountain in Virginia are sacred, and even the George Washington memorial obelisk in Washington DC designed to mimic the stone pillars in Egyptian temples has a stone from Otter Mountain at its base inscribed, "From Virginia’s loftiest mountain to Virginia's noblest son."

Blue Ridge Mountain trails

The Blue Ridge Mountains are some of the world's oldest mountains, with significant faery folklore. According to legend, the faeries keep to themselves in Virginia, but mystics will see them. The oak and apple trees in Virginia are considered highly significant and mystical.

It is here on the Blue Ridge Mountain trails, where one can find Fairy Crosses. These little stone crosses, known as “fairy stones,” remain as vestiges in the enchanted area. There was a belief among the Cherokee Indians that the crosses had the power to reduce the owner invisible at will.

Fairy Stones found in Virginia

The "fairy stones," as they were called by Blue Ridge Mountain people, were considered good-luck trinkets, and were worn or carried to ward off illness, accidents, and dwellers of the underworld. Early Scottish-Irish settlers also brought to Virginia the lore of trolls, spirits, and fairies.

The ancient healing hot springs in Bath County, VA have been known for centuries as a place for healing. The County of Bath (also known as the Alleghany Highlands) has a rich history of welcoming visitors. For centuries, people came to experience the healing waters of the natural hot springs. The breathtaking views of the Allegheny Mountains are a constant invitation to come out and play.

Bath County VA, sacred sites, hot springs
Bath County, Virginia

80' Falling Springs Waterfall - Bath County, VA

Ley Lines in Virginia

The Peaks of Otter Mountain have a ley line that runs through them, as does Charlottesville, VA and Washington DC. continuing to Pilot Mountain in N. Carolina.

Stone Circle in Virginia

A stone circle can be found in Bluemont, VA. It is said to be older than Stonehenge and is on a Ley line in alignment with Washington DC, about 50 miles from DC. The Piezoelectric Stone Circles in Spout Run, Virginia has 3 concentric rings of stones. And is near Spout Run stream where it goes over a waterfall into the Shenandoah River.

stone circle in Virginia
Spout Run Stone Circle in Virginia

The quartz crystalline content of these massive standing stones is well known for its piezoelectric properties, which enable the stones' conversion of acoustic energy into electric energy.

Calcite and quartz are the two types of piezoelectric stone that have been extensively used throughout the diverse pyramid-building cultures of the world, to transduce the ambient electrical ground currents produced by solar flare activity into an internal electrical charge and an electromagnetic field that envelops the stone monuments.

Spout Run, Virginia (39.05°N 77.89°W) is 5,852 miles from Giza. This sacred resonant distance is aligned with converging infrasound standing waves in a pattern shared by all such monuments and all other sacred temples and pyramids worldwide. The giant Stonehenge monument sits precisely at the 9.0% distance, while Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth sit exactly along the resonant 10.0% distance.

Right here in our own backyards are some of the most spiritual places on earth. Virginia is home to many sacred sites, each with its own story and energy. If you're looking to get in touch with your inner goddess, these spots are a must-visit. Whether you're seeking solitude or community, there's a place for you among Virginia's sacred sites. So pack your bag and get ready to explore!

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